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Australian Portrait Artist

I am a traditional realist Portrait Artist.
I have held a long-standing view that a true Artist Is driven By Passion and that every
commission is not just a piece of Art but an expression of that passion.

Artist At Work is more than just a business.
I am very conscious that the work I do for my clients is more than just to produce a likeness
of their loved ones, I also inject emotion and love into each and every piece of Art I am entrusted with.

The reality is that I take every commission personally and I have but one aim.
That is to not just capture a likeness
of your loved one but to also express your deep felt feelings and emotions into the work of Art.

I work full time as an Australian Portrait Artist in my studio in Moone Ponds.
And happily, spend the days in my studio with my two dogs Charlie and Macy by my side.